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Be​tween a Rock and a Calm Place


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Counselling in Cork


Welcome to my website. I hope it helps you to find what you need. Often the first step to counselling is deciding you want to make a positive change in your life and want support in

achieving this. 

The second is making contact with a counsellor. For many it is often the hardest - and it is my goal to ensure that once you make that contact, you feel heard, understood, safe and supported on every level. A healthy therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client is essential for progress to be achieved. Many counsellors believe it is the both the foundation and key ingredient in helping you achieve the your goals.

Every client is unique and has their own perception of how to understand, experience and function in this world. It is my job to help you identify and explore what aspects of this are healthy and what has become distorted, contaminated or blocked leading to disfunction or feeling lost and confused. Working with you to find practical tools and solutions to work through this, my aim is to help you plug back into you, your own source of wisdom, and get you back in the driving seat of your own life. In this safe and calm environment, I remain hopeful that you can find peace, harmony and balance in your life again.......and a light at the end of even the darkest tunnel.

Some issues may require specialised therapy such as serious alcohol or drug addiction, severe depression, or PTSD. If you feel this is your main concern I may recommend a more qualified Counsellor or Support Centre to ensure you get the help you deserve.

I work with adults from all cultural and religious backgrounds. 

Common Counselling Issues I Work With:

  • low self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • suicidal tendencies
  • self harm
  • anger issues
  • individuals with relationship, family or work conflict
  • loneliness
  • isolation
  • cultural issues
  • grief or loss
  • childhood trauma
  • recent trauma

Areas I Do NOT Specialise in:

  • Serious Addictions (Drug, Alcohol, Sex, etc)
  • Sexual or Physical Abuse
  • Couple or Family Counselling
  • Working with children or teenagers



You are not alone and help and support is closer than you may realise.

"What is most personal, is most common to all."

(Carl Rogers, Psychologist)    



Important Information on Confidentiality of Counselling

What you discuss is confidential except under exceptional circumstances such as (1) If you were at risk in harming yourself or others or (2) required by law - e.g. legal, ethical or criminal issues involved, or (3) Child First Legislation and Mandatory Reporting require that if I know any identifying details of someone who was the cause of child abuse, present or historic, I am required to report this to Social Services.This would also be discussed with you before taking further action. I also work under Supervision, as all Therapists do. If a situation proves particularly challenging for me, I may discuss it with my Supervisor. The client's identity and details are not disclosed in Supervision - only the issue - to ensure I can offer the appropriate support in all circumstances.

Please note - I don't work school students or children - I only work with Adults and School Leavers over the age of 19 years. Thanks.

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